Why do I need Fuel Doctor?

The potential for purchasing contaminated fuel is always present. An alarming amount of fuel storage tanks have some form of contamination or “dirty fuel”. How much and whether it will affect your vehicle depends on a lot of factors: age of the tank, lack of appropriate maintenance, and of course when the tank was last filled. Because you can’t see what goes into your fuel tank, you run the risk of transferring contaminants into your fuel system and causing damage to your engine every time you fill up.

What kind of damage can dirty fuel do?

Dirty fuel can cause damage to your fuel system and engine components simply by passing through the system. Microscopic particles of dirt and grime can clog fuel filters and injectors, reducing engine efficiency. In addition, water in your fuel creates the perfect environment for fungi to grow throughout your fuel system. These abrasive contaminants then pass through the system, causing additional, unnecessary wear and premature component failure, all at your expense.

But what is “dirty fuel”?

Dirty fuel is any fuel with contaminants in it. Around 80% of underground fuel tanks have water in them. Water provides the oxygen source for fungal spores (Cladosporium resinae) to grow and consume their favourite food—the hydrocarbons in fuel. Water from condensation also promotes flash rusting of fuel tanks, which flakes off into the fuel.

Diesel Bug Fuel Bug Dirty Diesel

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Protect your fuel system and engine with Fuel Doctor Cleaner, Conditioner And Protectant

Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner
Over 1 Million Litres Of Fuel Doctor Sold World Wide

What is Fuel Doctor?

Fuel Doctor is an Australian made fuel conditioner originally formulated to clean all types of fuel in inaccessible underground storage tanks. As such, it is effective in all diesel, petrol, and two-stroke fuel.

What does Fuel Doctor do?

Put simply… Fuel Doctor cleans and protects your entire fuel system while delivering optimum combustion and minimum pollution every time you use it. And, as an added bonus, it will also stabilise and extend the life of fuel in storage tanks or jerry cans for up to 5 years.

How does Fuel Doctor work?

Fuel Doctor is a proprietary formula of oxygenated molecules, which work to break down water and fungal material into sub-micronic particles, and emulsifiers which take those particles and disperse them into the fuel. It helps to protect your engine by lubricating any microscopic solid particles which enables them to pass safely through your fuel system and engine’s combustion process.

It will also dissolve carbon, gum, varnish, and other built-up contaminants in your fuel lines, fuel pumps, carburettors, injectors, and on valve faces, passing them through combustion safely.

Fuel Doctor is unlike any other fuel additive, because it’s used by the Fuel Doctors every day as a tool of trade so you can trust that it works.

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Who makes Fuel Doctor?

Established in 1994, and 100% Australian owned and operated, Fuel Doctors specialise in cleaning fuel tanks. Many of the commercial underground storage tanks they were contracted to clean had no physical access points, so they needed to develop a new method of tank cleaning.

This led to the creation of the Fuel Doctor fuel conditioner, the industry-leading product which has been used in emergency generators, service stations, marinas, agricultural machinery, and all manner of vehicles for more than twenty-five years.

Researched, developed, tested, and used on a daily basis all in-house by the Fuel Doctors makes the Fuel Doctor fuel conditioner product unique in the industry and allows them to guarantee that, when used as directed, Fuel Doctor fuel conditioner will do no harm to your engine or fuel systems.

Can I see Fuel Doctor work?

Absolutely. Check out this video of Steve from Fuel Doctors demonstrating how Fuel Doctor works to Graham Cahill from 4WD Action. The entire video is worth watching as Steve explains what dirty fuel is, where it comes from, and what Fuel Doctor can do. But to see the demonstration, skip to the 8 ½ minute mark. Keep watching to see Steve clean the fuel AND put it in his own $200,000 vehicle.

Why should I buy now?

Every time you fill up, you take the risk of dirty fuel causing damage to your fuel system. Each tank of fuel you buy could contain enough water to flood your common rail direct injection system, as it only takes around 30ml. Yes as little as a shot glass! That top up on the way home from the shops could have just enough water and contaminants in it to completely ruin your engine.

When comparing the price of Fuel Doctor to the replacement cost of fuel pumps and injectors, Fuel Doctor becomes essential in quality assuring every litre of fuel you buy.

Every tank of fuel is potentially adding to the existing gunge and muck in the bottom of your fuel tank and increasing the level of contamination in the fuel passing through your engine.

The sooner you treat and maintain your fuel tank and system with Fuel Doctor, the sooner you can prevent further damage from dirty fuel and fill your tank with the confidence of knowing you’re protected.

Average Cost Just 4 Cents Per Litre Of Fuel

* costs rounded up for the maintenance ratio after any initial shock treatments
and using the buyfueldoctor.com.au 3 x 1 litre bottle package price at 01 July 2022

The best time to buy Fuel Doctor is yesterday.

The next best time is now!

Here’s what a few users have said…

* Some testimonials about the product are supplied directly from Fuel Doctors Australia Pty Ltd.

I have religiously used Fuel Doctor in my 80 Series Landcruiser for around 15 years, recent complete draining of both tanks via the bottom drain plugs revealed absolutely no foreign matter present either in the form of water or other contaminants – a great result!!!! At more than 330 000 km on the original injectors the engine still starts instantly It blows virtually no smoke and still gives great economy and performance – a great result!!!!

David, from Sydney

Ford Australia could not fix the ticking noise in my 2016 XLT ranger have been putting up with noise for 30k km and has been to ford dealer 5 times and has not been fixed. I have used fuel doctor for 3 tanks with initial heavy dose and the ticking has gone completely gone. Highly rate this product I now enjoy driving my Ranger again.

Brad, from Gold Coast

Just wanting to thank you for the box of miracle fluid! I’ve been using in my hiace van which was burning oil from a sticky gummed up ring and it’s now not burning oil and getting 8-9 litres per 100km approx 2-3 lph better.

Brad, from Cranbourne

Always been sceptical of these types of products. Just started using Fuel Doctor in a 30 year old Land Rover with 600k plus on the clock. Virtually eliminated smoky exhaust under load, holds better on hills. Brilliant product

Barry, from Cape York

My husband and I have a 45 foot yacht with a Yanmar 75hp diesel motor. We are currently situated in Malaysia. Unfortunately Fuel Doctor is not available over there and none of the substitutes come even close to the performance of Fuel Doctor. To the contrary they cause more problems than they fix. Thanks and Regards.


Have been happy to endorse the technical support before but now for the outcome Mine is a 60litre tank in a 29’ sloop tank hadn’t been used for some time. (Had been using a plastic tank instead for some years). Recommissioning the main tank I had drained it and tried to filter the fuel with an external filter and pump but was still getting some muck and greasy sludge on hoses when I used them. Put three litres of fuel doctor in to 30l of diesel and left it for a few weeks. The result was dark brown fuel which still ran. Given how little fuel I burn. I emptied again and used the same three litres to 30 litre mixture. Result after a couple of weeks this time was clean fuel and a clean looking tank. Short answer is that the fuel doctor additive worked very well in a pretty far gone tank. No paid endorsement no discount offers just a good outcome and a great lot of help and support along the way. Thanks one and all.


This stuff is great!! My 2013 Nissan Navara D40 has only travelled 50,000km but has been idling roughly, a little rattly and lagging in acceleration when I put my foot down. I put it all down to it being a CR diesel. After one use of this product the idling smoothed out, acceleration was responsive like never before and the rattling CR diesel noise was gone…all in 5 minutes! I have since treated my 2016 Hayabusa motorcycle and reel mower – all run more smoothly and quieter. Thanks to Fuel Doctor I know my engine fuel systems are tip top. Can’t overrate this product!!

Mick S., from Adelaide

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    Do You Know What’s In Your Fuel?

    If you don’t, you need Fuel Doctor! Dirty fuel can cause damage to your fuel system and engine components simply by passing through the system. Fuel Doctor is an Australian made fuel conditioner that cleans and protects your entire fuel system. Don’t risk it… grab some today!