Fuel Doctor 5 Litre

Fuel Doctor 5 Litre

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Fuel Doctor fuel conditioner and injector cleaner for diesel, petrol, and two-stroke engines. Fuel Doctor provides quality assurance for your fuel and protection for your entire fuel system, plus stabilises and extends the life of fuel in storage.


Fuel Doctor is a unique, industry-leading fuel conditioner and injector cleaner, which provides quality assurance for your fuel and protection for your entire fuel system. It works on all diesel, petrol, and two-stroke engines, including cars, motorbikes, trucks, busses, boats, mowers, anything that runs on these fuel types. It will also stabilise and extend the life of fuel in storage tanks for up to 2 years (petrol) and up to 5 years (diesel).

Fuel Doctor is the only fuel conditioner developed and used by professional fuel tank cleaners on a daily basis and is proven to work in any size tank, in any vehicle. It treats water/condensation and fungal growth contamination, plus the effects of gums, varnish, and the typical bottom-of-the-tank sludge that develops over time.

In addition to treating and cleaning the fuel and your tank, Fuel Doctor also cleans, lubricates, and protects every part of your fuel system including fuel lines, fuel pumps, injectors, valves, seals, fuel and particulate filters, and cylinders.

So use Fuel Doctor to clean your system thoroughly during the “shock treatment” stage, then maintain a clean fuel delivery process via maintenance treatments and start your engine with confidence.

If you don’t know what’s in your fuel, you need Fuel Doctor!

Fuel Doctor is Australian Made and Owned


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  • Save more with bulk packs!
  • Fuel Doctor 5 Litre treats up to 20,000 Litres of fuel
  • Bulk pack makes shock treatments for large vehicles or fuel storage tanks a breeze
  • Convenient for treating multiple vehicles, toys, and tools around your home
  • Also ideal for chainsaws, lawn care equipment, jet skis, & more
Technical Data: View The Fuel Doctor SDS
Also Available In: 250ml, 1 Litre, 25 Litre, and our Industrial Sizes

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