For cars, trucks, and busses, the recommended “shock treatment” of Fuel Doctor is: 500ml per 100L (max) fuel tank. Vehicles with an excess of 100,000kms should shock treat two or three tanks, prior to moving on to maintenance treatments.

For example, if you have a 72L fuel tank and your car has travelled under 200,000kms, you would need to use 500ml of Fuel Doctor in a full tank of fuel TWICE before moving on to the maintenance treatments.

The recommended maintenance treatment ratio of Fuel Doctor is 1ml per 1L of fuel. So for example if you topped up with 25L of fuel, you would need to add at least 25ml of Fuel Doctor to your tank, preferably before adding the fuel.

For marine applications you should double the shock treatment ratio. So, use 1L of Fuel Doctor per 100L of fuel. Repeated shock treatments may be required until your fuel runs clear in your fuel sight glass. Only move on to the maintenance treatments once your fuel appears clear.

The maintenance treatment ratio for marine applications is either: 50mls per 100L for working craft OR 100mls per 100L for recreational craft.

Note: severe contamination may require several shock treatments.

According to the Fuel Doctors, “over-treating” with Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner will have no detrimental effects to fuel system components.

If you have any questions or concerns you can always call Bright Viper on +61 491 626 016 or Fuel Doctors direct on 1800 675 077.