Injector Cleaner

Fuel Doctor is Australia’s Best Injector Cleaner and Fuel System Cleaner.

Initially engineered in 1994 as an industrial fuel tank cleaner it has decades of proven performance. The Doctor has been used to clean industrial tanks on farms, building generators, service stations, defence bases and marinas amongst other places. The use of Fuel Doctor in smaller vehicle and marine fuel tanks means and everything from mopeds to mining trucks and jet skis to super yachts can benefit from the cleaning power of Fuel Doctor.

We believe its power as an Injector Cleaner in unmatched. You’ll find no hydrocarbons, fillers or carrier liquids like most other brands. Fuel Doctor is full of active ingredients so we’re not adding useless or harmful ingredients like diesel, heating oil, kerosene or turpentine.

Not just the Best Injector Cleaner, the additional lubrication in Fuel Doctor has the benefit of reducing injector noise and helping your injectors and other fuel system components operate at their best.

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