Fuel Doctor Fuel Conditioner is a proprietary formula of oxygenated molecules, which work to break down fuel contaminants (such as water and fungal material) into sub-micronic particles, and emulsifiers which take those particles and disperse them into the fuel. These particles are then able to pass through your fuel system, without causing any harm to your fuel pump or injectors. It helps to protect your engine by lubricating any microscopic solid particles which are then able to pass through your fuel system and upper engine.

It will also dissolve carbon, gum, varnish, and other built-up contaminants in your fuel lines, fuel pumps, carburettors, injectors, and on valve faces, taking them through combustion safely.

Fuel Doctor is unlike any other fuel additive, because it’s used by the Fuel Doctors every day as a tool of trade so you can trust that it works.