International shipping costs will vary depending on your location and how much Fuel Doctor you would like to order. However for small orders, the international shipping cost generally is more than the product itself. Please bear this in mind before requesting a quote, as finding a range of suitable shipping services for you can be a time consuming process.

While we can and have shipped to many countries around the world, we’re not experts on your local requirements for import and use of fuel additives. Before making an order, we suggest you first check with your local department of Customs and any fuel regulators as to the legalities of importing and using Fuel Doctor. The Fuel Doctor Safety Data Sheet (SDS) will help with your enquiries. This is to ensure you aren’t breaking any local laws by importing or using the product, as some countries have strict laws regarding the usage of fuel additives.

As we can’t advise on your local laws, all liability and responsibility is on the purchaser with regards to international shipping, customs, and usage of the product once it leaves our premises. Once you are satisfied with the above, we can send you pricing and process an order for you via email and invoice via PayPal. Completely filling out and submitting the form on our International Orders page will give us all the information we’ll need to get your order underway, and we’ll contact you via email to assist and process your order.