Every time you fill up, you take the risk of dirty fuel causing damage to your fuel system. Each tank of fuel you buy could contain enough water to flood your common rail direct injection system, as it only takes around 30ml. Yes as little as a shot glass! That top up on the way home from the shops could have just enough water and contaminants in it to completely ruin your engine.

When comparing the price of Fuel Doctor to the replacement cost of fuel pumps and injectors, Fuel Doctor becomes essential in quality assuring every litre of fuel you buy.

Every tank of fuel is potentially adding to the existing gunge and muck in the bottom of your fuel tank and increasing the level of contamination in the fuel passing through your engine.

The best time to buy Fuel Doctor is yesterday. The next best time is now.

The sooner you treat and maintain your fuel tank and system with Fuel Doctor, the sooner you can prevent further damage from dirty fuel and fill your tank with the confidence of knowing you’re protected.