We recommend fitting additional pre-filtration units to all systems. Fuel filters, both standard and aftermarket, play a vital role in keeping your fuel system and engine healthy, and help protect them from foreign matter in your fuel. The reality is though, most fuel filters are designed to filter out solid matter (rust, dirt, and debris) to a certain micron rating. Some have water separators that are great for small amounts of free water, but most have some major fail points.

Water is not a solid and will pass straight through most units that are filters alone. The majority of water separating filters will separate free water but are overwhelmed quickly as they have small catch areas. Without an alarm system, this may make the discovery of water all too late for your engine. The biggest fail point (the one manufacturers don’t tell you about) is that almost all water separating filters on the market today can not separate water once it is emulsified with fuel.

That’s right, the milky emulsification of water with fuel can do exactly the same damage as free water, but many filters cannot distinguish between that and clean fuel and will pass it through to your pump and injectors as if nothing was wrong at all. This is where Fuel Doctor excels and offers you the protection needed to maintain a healthy fuel system and engine.