Dispenser Bottle

The Fuel Doctor dispenser bottles are the easiest way to get Fuel Doctor into your fuel tank.

Our suggestions are:

For shock treatments on tanks in cars, bikes, small machines and/or smaller boats a funnel and the 1 litre Fuel Doctor size is the easiest to use. But from the open pour side of the bottle, not the metered chamber.

For shock treatments on trucks, medium sized machines and boats where the filler is easily accessible a funnel and the Fuel Doctor 5 litre size works best.

For smaller ongoing maintenance treatments with deep fillers or fillers that are harder to access, the custom ‘long neck’ design of the 250ml Fuel Doctor alleviates the need to carry a messy funnel. The chamber pack dispenser bottle also allows easy measurement of the metered treatment.

For maintenance treatments on medium sized tanks and fillers that are easy to access the 1 litre chamber pack is the perfect dispenser bottle.

And Finally for large storage and heavy use the 25 litre cube comes with a tap, ready for action. It’s certainly the easiest way to re-fill your dispenser bottles.

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